Digitizing.com offers the latest technology in professional embroidery digitizing service. This is one of our strongest and most talked about service. Our staff is highly experienced in providing the highest quality embroidery digitizing services along with the fastest turnaround time. Our embroidery digitizers have been in the digitizing business for more than 15 years. We will be your best partners in the embroidery-digitizing field.


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Digitizing Software

We offer state of the art digitizing
software for all embroidery
operations. With our digitizing
software, you can expect to find such
creative tools as graphic digitizing,
design conversion, lettering, db
storage, advanced editing and more.
To learn more about our digitizing
software, please
drop us a note.

We at digitizing.com are a graphics
artwork conversion service company. We
offer and create very high quality vector
images that are hand drawn by our
artists. You can have your raster images /
logo converted to high quality vector
artwork using our logo
conversion service with
your desires in mind.

Stock Designs

We at digitizing.com have the largest and most
comprehensive collection of stock embroidery
designs available on the market today. All you have
to do is browse our online shop and you find
exactly what you desire and be able to use it for
your own creations. One thing to remember is the
dimensions of the designs, what item you will be
embroidering, and the location of the embroidery.

Photo Digitizing

Photo Digitizing is one of the most advanced
ways in which to keep those family photos in
a safe place. Remember the old photos of
your parents, how they began to fade and
become unrecognizable? This is a thing of the
past today. With our photo digitizing service,
we can digitize your precious memories into storable
format so you can easily share, print, email, or store
without any risk of damage to the original photos as well
as ensure you will always have a copy of the photos.

Book Digitizing

Today many books of course can be found in libraries and resources
centers around the world. However, with the recent technologies,
many of these same books and more have been digitized. Book
digitizing allows newer and more innovative ways of deliver such as
through the Internet. Why are digitized books so popular? The
reasons are many including compact, sent through emails, saved on
disc for less storage needs, and more. Along with the benefits on the
users end, book digitizing is also a wonderful invention for authors as
well for different reasons such as ease of indexing, ease of
correcting, and ease of adding new photos or paragraphs.We at
digitizing.com can help you with your book digitizing needs.

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We at Digitizing.com offer a wide array of digitizing products and services. Through our products and services, we open up the world to our clients to help them achieve success with the best products and services available on the market today.
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