friends and myself

As I look around at my brother and sisters, friends and myself, I see that even though we are approaching 40 embroidery designs, we still have toys and enjoy playing with them. A few years ago, my brother asker his wife for a video game system to play such games as hockey and baseball for Father’s Day. At the NSGA show I picked up three huge water shooters. Two medium ones for the children and a bigger one for me. That’s right, one for me. We have a blast spraying each other, running through the yard, soaking one another.The other day I was warming my lunch when vector conversion I saw the neighbor boys playing in their backyard with water pistils. I quietly crept up on them, hiding behind the landscaping grass in my yard and opened fire on them with my brand new water shooter. After the initial shock, they returned fire and chased me to the fountain in the corner of my garden where I was reloading digitizing. Not pleasure, I had to return to work and the design I was digitizing. It was fun while it lasted, but the good news is he design was completed with much more creativity than it would have been if I hadn’t taken my play break.

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