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Sure there are those who have taken art classes and maybe even obtained a degree in the field of art. Just as in painting, there are many different skill levels, from refrigerator art to Peggy Hopper originals. The entire range between the two are considered paintings and art digitizing.

Some artists are more talented or learned in different areas than others, but who is to decide who is better or who deserves the title. Some of the most famous pieces in today’s art galleries look like vector conversion they could have been created in Mr. Boland’s second grade art class. As I see it, your artistic skills may be in digitizing and another persons in water colors, or probably better yet, your artistic skills may be in many areas of art.

So my opinion, for what it’s worth, is if you’re a embroidery designs embroidery designer, then you’re an artist. How successful an artist? That depends on your definition of success. “Oh no, here we go again! – What’s your definition of success?”

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