Machine operators

After watching countless designs run, machine operators know a good digitizing design from a poor one. They’ve seen it all, from needle breaks and fraying thread, to poor pathing and letters too small for embroidery. Machine operators understand the mechanics of the machine and what can and can’t be done in thread.They possess a solid understanding of push and pull, backings, toppings, and hoping. The effects of different fabric types in nothing new for them and they’re masters at trimming. Production oriented, machine operators who become vector conversion designers always look for ways to improve the system and it shows in their designs.Machine operators, turned designer, produce a lot of designs a day. Their experience makes pathing a snap. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The downside is the designs typically lack flare and pop. Flat in appearance, this group sees artwork as one dimensional. More designs a day at the expense of artistic design means this group is best suited for easy to moderately complex designs, and count on the designs running well.

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