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After determining which best describes yourself digitizing, take action to bridge the talents of the person you hired, provide direction to aid in the bridging process. If the person is lacking in embroidery experience, have them work on the operational floor with the operators and build their knowledge of production needs first hand. You might ask a multi head shop if you may observe the production floor or better yet, offer to work for free maybe a day a week to build your experience level.

If you have plenty of technical experience vector conversion, but are deficient in creative skills, I suggest enrolling in various art programs. Water color, pencil drawing, ceramics or computer design classer are readily available through local art stores and community colleges at very affordable prices. Take one or two, but be careful, you might get hooked.

All this might seem too costly embroidery designs, but you can’t afford not to take this advice. To remain one dimensional limits more than just your talents, it limits the embroidery shops who as well. Remember, you can win jobs for people simply by producing a design that looks better. You will retain customers when they know your designs run well and will save them money in production. Winning jobs during the sales calls and reducing your customer’s cost through well running designs will not only bring you business, it will aid in the building of a loyal customer base.

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